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Web Design Services

Your website should communicate your message and promote your services and/or products. To do that, people need to be able to view it promptly and thoroughly. We recommend a site that's fast to load and one that can be properly viewed with any major browser. To that end, we don't use browser-dependent "goodies" such as Front Page extensions. Nor do we recommend eye candy like Flash animation that require the viewer to download a plug-in to view the site (and are invisible to search engines). 

While all our web work is custom designed for your needs, we do offer some basic pricing to help you get a rough idea of what your website will cost. Once we complete our initial consultation, we can give you a more specific estimate.

Basic Web Page Pricing:
These prices are based on basic HTML web pages and include a total of one hour of consultation for the first two pages, then 15 minutes of consultation for each additional page. Extras like complex navigation, custom graphics, Flash, large forms, scripting, etc. may incur additional charges.
Your site's first page $ 250
Each additional page $ 125
The following discounts apply for multiple additional pages:
3–4 pages           5% Off
5–6 pages           10% Off
7–8 pages           15% Off
9–10 pages           20% Off
11+ pages           25% Off

Additional Price List:
Consultation* (hourly) $  95
Database programming* (hourly) $  95
Database data entry* (hourly) $  45
Scripting* (hourly) $  95
Complex Forms* (hourly) $  95
Custom Graphics* (hourly) $  95
Domain registration (annually) $  35
Site Maintenance* (hourly)
First 10 minutes each month are free if we host your site!
$  75

*Hourly charges are billed in quarter-hour increments.

All jobs require a 50% deposit before work begins, with the balance due upon completion and before we take the website live. Subject to terms of agreement. All pricing subject to change.

Site Maintenance:
We don't believe in charging high monthly maintenance fees to cover updating and changing websites. Instead, we only bill for maintenance work as it's done. For most sites, maintenance work is minimal and quick. If we host your site, we give you the first 15 minutes of maintenance each month for free.

Customer supplied artwork:
Building corporate identity is a must in the business world. Your logo should be on all your promotional work, including your website. If you have a good, clean digital version of your logo, email it to us. If you don't, send us a clean, full-color version so we can digitize it for site use. For best quality, a large original (between three and seven inches square) is preferred. If you don't have a logo, we can design one for you.

While using full-color photos in the print world means a lot of extra expense, the web is a whole other story. We recommend liberal use of photographs. We have a library of stock photos that can be used on your site, but photos of your staff, office, etc. are always preferable. Send us both posed and candid shots. If you sell products, send us close-ups of them as well. Email us digital photos, or if you only have hard copies, send us the originals (no negatives or slides) and we'll return them after completion.

If you need a shopping cart for online purchases, ecommerce is the answer. Our shopping cart software allows customers to view, add, and/or delete items until they're ready for their final checkout. It can be designed to accept credit cards for either online or offline processing. Adding ecommerce to your site will require database programming, the purchase of of a Security Certificate, and different hosting arrangements.

If you have further questions or are ready to get on the web, visit our Contact page.




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